4 Awesome Ping Pong Table Tops for Pool Table

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If you’re looking to play ping pong in the comfort of your own home but don’t want to invest in a separate table due to all the space it demands or a multi-game table due to the cost and maintenance required, a widely available alternative is a ping pong conversion top.

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It allows you to maneuver this fun-filled game on your pool or even dining table, saving you space as well as assembly time. Here are a few of our picks that could liven up the energy in your house with a quick change of game:

Top 4 Table Tennis Conversion Tops 

Key Features
JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top108 x 60 x 0.63 inches115 lbs.Charcoal Black Painted Surface, Foam EVA Padding, Easy Assembly, MDF Engineered Wood Construction,
Space-saving Storage, Includes Custom Net Set
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Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table Top for Billiard Table108 x 57 x 0.7 inches150 lbs.Available in Multiple Colors, Wood Construction, Removable Metal Rails, Table Connectors to Lock Table Halves, Includes Net Set and Adhesive Foam Padsbuy From Amazon
STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net108 x 60 x 0.5 inches90.2 lbs.4-Piece or 2-Piece Table Top, Compact Storage, Quick Assembly, MDF Blend, Padded Underside, Repeat Roller-Coat Painted Surface, and Playfield Linesbuy From Amazon
East Point Sports Ping Pong Table Topper108 x 60 x 0.47 inches85.53 lbs.Tournament-Sized, Alloy Steel Base, Lightweight Design, Foldable for Easy Storage, Includes Net and Post Clamping System and Foam Pads, No Assembly Requiredbuy From Amazon

JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top

This full-sized ping pong conversion top, fit for all standard 8 to 9-foot billiard, dining, or picnic tables, comes from JOOLA, a name trusted in multiple tournaments held worldwide, including the Olympics and US Open.

The quick and convenient assembly does not only guarantee a hassle-free setup but also prevents any damage to your pool table with its EVA foam-padded back that creates a cushioning layer between the two game tables. The attachable net and posts also come on and off without as much as a scratch on the playing equipment.

Furthermore, the two halves provide a storage-friendly design allowing you to fit the table in confined spaces. While customers mostly gush about the charcoal surface that goes well with all kinds of furniture, they did have a few words to put in about the weight and the razor-sharp edges.

Most needed three people to carry and place it on top of their billiard tables, and some managed to sand down the edges or cover them with tapes, but they would prefer a lightweight and more user-friendly tabletop.


  • Perfect fit for most standard-sized pool tables and comes with support blocks to prevent any sagging
  • Full-foam backing prevents any damage to the table underneath
  • Space-saving design as it can be deconstructed into two halves while storing
  • Comes with net and post sets that can be attached with no worries about scratches
  • Mostly pre-assembled and ready to play with, in a few minutes


  • Sharp edges may need sanding down
  • The heavy weight might cause a hassle during assembling on top of the billiard table.

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Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table Top for Billiard Table

The Martin Kilpatrick conversion top makes ping pong fun and competitive for all ages with its sturdy design available in three different colors. A product from the same factory as the infamous Butterfly tennis tables, this tabletop has removable metal rails screwed onto the bottom and a dove-tail locking system connecting the two halves, both for added stability.

This same bracket also holds the net and post set, which consumers only need to slide into the side of the conversion top. These features, combined with the 0.7-inch depth, provide great bounce and spin. It also comes with adhesive foam pads to protect your pool table from any scratches, but the provided quantity is not enough, and consumers may need to attach some extra felt pads.

Furthermore, buyers with pool tables having raised edges had to face a bit of sagging due to the weight and lack of support in the middle.


  • It is a perfect fit for most 8-foot tables, be it billiard or a dining room one
  • Detachable metal rails and apron allow for maximum bounce during competitive matches
  • Surface connectors between the two halves make the setup even sturdier and prevent sliding
  • Available in blue, green, and grey colors to fit various gaming environments
  • It comes with self-adhesive protection pads to prevent scratches on your pool table and a 3-year warranty.


  • The surface might sag in the middle, which may decrease tension in the net
  • The quantity of included foam pads is not enough

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STIGA Premium Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net

Available in both 4-piece and 2-piece designs, this ping pong conversion top from STIGA values space-saving and consumer friendliness above all. It features a roller-coat painted playing surface with silkscreen playfield lines which give the game tournament-like playability and also prevent scuffs and scratches.

It offers extra protection on the finishing of the existing table and prevents sliding with the EVA-padded underside, so both kids and adults can enjoy an entertainment-filled time. This regulation-sized table (approved by the International Table Tennis Federation) can be torn down on its hinges into halves or fours and stored away in compact spaces like under the bed or closet.

While this is mostly an advantage, the center-line hinge on the 4-fold model may interfere with scoring and serving during a competitive game.


  • Dense EVA foam provides protection to the pool table underneath
  • Minimum assembly is required and mostly involves attaching the pieces along with the net and post set
  • Repeat roller-coated surface ensures playing surface durability
  • Both models provide de-constructable pieces convenient for storage in small spaces
  • The design allows for portability and ease of carrying around


  • The center-line hinge may make competitive playing difficult

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East Point Sports Ping Pong Table Topper

The East Point tournament size 9-foot ping pong table topper is a great addition to your family game nights, break rooms, recreation rooms, small-scale arcades, or man-caves.

It features an alloy steel base with a bright blue playfield which holds up well against both time and fast games and can liven up the indoors with its zero-assembly, ready-to-play build.

The included steel net and post can be clamped down and trusted to remain stable during multi-player action matches. The foam pads underneath provide a good cushioning between the 12 mm thick playfield and your pool table’s valued surface. Moreover, after a fun-filled and competitive time, this lightweight and portable tabletop can be folded in fours and stored with convenience.

Unfortunately, customers have had complaints regarding the packaging, which had caused the wood to chip and, in some cases, severely damaged the connecting bar between the halves.


  • The unique alloy steel base is less prone to damage and is long-lasting
  • The top uses a clamping system to hold the net and post in place, which provides the perfect tension for professional games
  • Its folding feature allows for easy storage, and the vibrant-colored playfield provides a great serving, scoring, and blocking surface
  • It requires no assembly and is ready to play with straight out of the box
  • Cheaper than most products offering the same quality


  • The products are not packaged carefully, and some consumers have been on the receiving end of damaged goods.

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Guide to Buying the Best Ping Pong Table Top

If you’re a little lost as to what to look for in the perfect ping pong table top, this guide will help you find the best one for your pool table or even an air hockey table.

Dimensions and Weight

The size and weight of the tabletop determine its ease of use and storage requirements over time. If you’re aware of these, you can choose the best fit for your pool table at home, determine whether it would be easy to carry it down or up a flight of stairs, and clear out space to store it when it isn’t in use. Some of these products offer foldable or breakable designs for consumer convenience.


If you’re backing out from spending on a separate ping pong table due to finance or space issues, it is necessary for your table topper to do well in the long run to uphold your decision. A long-lasting conversion top needs a sturdy build without sagging, along with a stable base, preferably steel or engineered wood and metal rails or a metal apron to hold it together.

Foam Backing or Self-Adhesive Pads

A cushioning layer right above your pool table is just as important as a good finish on the playfield surface. 2 to 3-inch foam disks are commonly used, some even in the form of self-adhesive pads for consumer convenience, but it is best to choose a tabletop with a complete foam-padded back to reduce the risk of minor scratches and scuffs too.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

In the world of online shopping, customer reviews are your best guide as they can always steer you in the right direction, be it away from faulty designs, false claims, or high prices or towards a convenient feature and good service.

Therefore, you must always turn to consumer experience and go for products with higher ratings when in doubt.


Lastly, it is best to choose a tabletop that promises convenience as well as durability. You cannot be spending dozens on overheads or repairs; therefore, look for one that can accommodate professionals and beginners alike, can be set up quickly, and has the necessary high-quality accessories you need to put together both a competitive or a casual game.

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