The 10 Best Foosball Tables For Home in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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mini foosball tableIt is no surprise that the popularity of foosball continues to grow at a fantastically ferocious rate, and this has inevitably led to manufacturer’s continuously delivering new and improved designs to ensure they can compete competitively for a decent share in this ever-expanding market.

Of course, the greater the range available to consumers, the greater the need is to have adequate information available to assist in picking the best product suited to your specific wants and needs.

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So, we have put together this well-researched list of what we consider to be the Best Foosball Tables available on the market today.

Comparison of Top 10 Foosball Tables for Home Use

TableDimensionsBall ReturnCounter-Weighted MenGameplay /5Durability /5Aesthetics /5Overall Rating /5
Tornado T-300056" x 30" x36" 355lbsSideYes5555
Tornado Sport56″ x 30″ x 36″ 200 lbs.EndsNo33.54.53.5
Garlando G-500059" x 43" x 36" 197lbsSideNo4.
Carrom Signature55″ x 29″ x 36″ 177 lbs.EndsYes3.53.543.5
Warrior36'' x 56'' x 30'' 218 lbs.SideYes4.
KICK Legend55" X 30" X 36" 143lbsEndsYes4.
Atomic Gladiator56" x 31" x 34" 145lbsSideNo3343.5
KICK Venture55" x 30" x 36" 110 lbs.
Kettler Outdoor58" x 46" x 35" 132lbsEndsYes4.5544.5
Shelti Pro Foos II55" x 30" x 36" 235lbsSideYes5555

Tornado T-3000

The Tornado Tournament 3000 is a professional grade table that is jam-packed full of the fantastic features that have helped secure Tornado’s place as one of the most respected and trusted names in foosball circles.

This table is available in both single-goalie and 3-man goalie setups and comes with the revered Tornado patented counter-balanced men with improved sharp corners and a bigger cross-section that equates to even greater ball control and passing accuracy.

Thanks to the tables split bearing design the T-3000 delivers astounding smooth rod movement, and thanks to the full-access hinged top cleaning and general maintenance is a breeze.

The commercial quality .156” hollowed steel rods are about as tough as they come and compliments the robust 1 ½” heavy duty MDF cabinet that is covered with an eye-catching silver and black laminate with Tornado graphics that will not chip.

Tornado Sport

Tornado Sport

The Tornado Sport is one of the lower end tables manufactured by Valley-Dynamo, although that doesn’t really reflect in the hefty price tag.

This is the only Tornado foosball table that does not feature their patented counterbalanced men, and the table also has ball returns situated on either end of the table, which is not ideal.

Aesthetically this table is remarkably elegant, and the mahogany case and black legs complement each other well, creating a foosball table that will add a touch of class to just about any games room.

Overall the Tornado Sport is a decent enough table that delivers a relatively satisfying foosball experience, but I am not convinced that it justifies the hefty price tag without Tornado’s patented counter-weighted foosball men.

Garlando G-5000

Garlando G-5000

Garlando is an Italian company that has over sixty years’ experience in manufacturing foosball tables for the European market.

The G-5000 is a stylish table with an innovative design, and the cabinet is constructed from 1 ½” plywood and finished with a hard-wearing plastic laminate that has a dark wood appearance.

The telescopic rods are coated with an anti-rust chromium coating, and the table has steel-roller bearings that deliver a fast response and a noticeably smooth action.

Being a European table the G-5000 comes with the single goalie set up, and the foosball men are made from resilient molded plastic and Garlando assures us these men are intended to last forever.

Unfortunately, like the Tornado Sport, the G-5000 falls short of its competition in this price range due to the absence of counterweighted foosball men.

But other than that, the table delivers a world-class game of foosball, and you will feel the quality of the table at every stage of your game. One of the best tables available today.

Carrom Signature

Carrom Signature

The Carrom Signature comes in at comfortably under a thousand dollars, and gives you a decent bang for your buck, with counterbalanced men with cross-hatch toe design, and the option of either single goalie or three-man goalie setup.

The table also has built-in cup holders, making this a perfect table for the social foosball fellas that enjoy a few beers with their indoor entertainment.

The Carrom Signature is a great looking piece, and it comes in a choice of Burr Oak, Moroccan, or Wild Cherry finish. The handles are light colored hardwood, and the playfield has enamel screen printed graphics that gives the table a great professional look.

The playing experience on this table is remarkably smooth thanks to the premium bearings that ensure slick rod movement, although a few customers have complained of dead spots around the sides of the table.

Overall this table really is phenomenal value for your money, so while there are certainly far better foosball tables out there, you will be paying significantly more for them.

Warrior Professional Table

Warrior Professional

The Warrior professional foosball table brings a tournament grade foosball experience to your home for the fraction of the cost of other tables of this caliber.

The no-nonsense design of the table means it assembles in about 25 minutes, and it comes with some great extras like rod guards so children can safely play, Warrior throws in their rebound urethane foosballs, and the quality of the table’s build is backed up with a one-year warranty, that they will extend to a three-year warranty for an extra $40.

The foosball men are counterbalanced, the ball return is located on the side of the table for quick retrieval, and the strong rods help deliver a fantastically fluid foosball game.
By far the best value foosball table available on the market today.

KICK Legend

KICK Legend

The Kick Legend is another great value foosball table, and one of the most popular products produced by the fast-growing dedicated foosball manufacturer.

The table comes with the coveted counterbalanced men, offers both single or 3-goalie setup, and is all round a beautifully designed table.

The black and chestnut cabinet design with interesting and unique contours ensures this table will raise the level of sophistication of any environment.

The Kick Legend delivers a smooth game, with their well-loved premium bearings keeping the 5/8” stainless steel rods producing just the right amount of friction. The table has stu7rdy 5” leg levelers, and I would say the only minor downside to this table is that the ball returns are located at either end.

Atomic Gladiator

Atomic Gladiator

The Atomic Gladiator is a sturdy, respectable looking foosball table that falls into the midrange price bracket.

Built from quality MDF, with the playfield a solid ¾” medium density fiberboard finished off with vivid soccer pitch graphics, the table is as sturdy as it looks. Convenient leg levelers, side ball returns, solid wood scoring units, and party-inducing cup holders all make the Atomic Gladiator a great choice for any foosball lovers looking to acquire a table of their own.

The biggest downfall is that the foosball men are not counterbalanced, and we all know how much of a deal breaker that can be.

KICK Venture

KICK Venture

The Kick Venture comes in at a very reasonable price, and so you must take value-for-money into consideration when considering the few areas where the table is lacking.

One such area is the foosball men that are not counterweighted and the fact that the ball returns are on the ends of the table. But the table still offers a great feel, and if you are going to be playing with a full complement of four players for most of the tables use then don’t let the lack of counterweighted men put you off this otherwise fantastic foosball table.

In terms of durability this table is remarkably robust for a table in this price range, and like all Kick products, the workmanship is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

The Kick Venture also gives you the option of both single or 3-goalie setup, and the sturdy steel rods are capped with classy light wooden handles.

Kettler Outdoor

Kettler Outdoor

Built to withstand the brutal exposure of the great outdoors, the Kettler Weatherproof table is decidedly durable.

Built in Italy, using only the finest materials, the cabinet is protected with hare wearing laminate and finished off with a coat of weather-resistant resin, the legs are engineered from sturdy steel, and the telescopic rods are coated with an anti-rust chromium.

And this table is not only known for its robust build, but also for the fantastic gameplay it delivers. The Kettle Weatherproof Foosball table boast counterweighted men and a ferociously fast glass playfield that has slightly raised borders to prevent dead spots, so the table will not disappoint even the most experienced of players.

Shelti Pro Foos 2

Shelti Pro Foos

The Shelti Pro Foos II is a formidable foosball table that is every bit as sturdy as it looks. A solid 1 ½” cabinet – wrapped in a high-pressured chip “Oiled Cherry” laminate – sits atop the 3 ½” by 3 ½” solid-core polymer legs with built-in levelers, and the rods are machine trued hollow steel.

The table delivers an unbelievable playing experience thanks to a combination of fabulous features, such as counterweighted men with Shelti’s sharp-angled feet that have an 880-tooth grip on both the front and back to allow for maximum ball control.

The playfield has Shelti’s “Stay-in-Play” raised perimeter to prevent dead spots, and the entire playfield delivers fantastic ball tracking thanks to well-engineered playfield support.

What to take keep in mind when shopping around for a Foosball table of your own.

Below are the factors we took into consideration when putting together our list of the Best Foosball Tables, and they are factors you should keep in mind when picking out a table for yourself.

1. Table Design/Durability/Craftmanship

Materials used. The types of materials used in the construction of the table will impact on the longevity of the table as well as the quality of your overall playing experience.

Dimensions. You will want to get a table that will fit comfortably in the area you intend to use it, and a table that will be suitable for the intended users. For example, if you are buying a table to enjoy at home with your younger kids you might not want to go for a full-sized table.

With regards to the weight, you will be wanting something that is not going to be too light as you don’t want the table lifting and moving around as the action heats up.

Rods. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to foosball rods, such as the type and strength of steel used, whether they are telescopic -which means they do not jut out the other side of the table when pushed through -, if the rods make use of bearings, bushes or are cushioned in any way to produce smooth movement.

Ball Returns. Generally, you will find that the ball returns are located either at each end of the table or on one side of the table just below the ball entry on the halfway line. The latter is preferable as it means you do not have to keep walking to the end of the table to retrieve the ball after each goal.

2. Gameplay

foosball table
Foosball Men. The most important thing to look out for here is whether the players are counterweighted. This means that the players have equal weight in their feet and heads, so if you turn the rods halfway your players will remain horizontal and will not get in the way if you are attempting a cracker shot at goal from the back of the field.

You will also want to examine how easy it is to exercise decent ball control, like stopping, holding, and then passing between your players. This is affected by the design of the foosball men as some have a rounded design to the feet, some have textured or rough areas or sharpened feet.

Ball Tracking Depending on the materials used for the actual playing field, certain balls will track far better on some surfaces than others, which ultimately means more control for you in where you put your shots.

Goalie setup. This is down to preference, with the European setup preferring one goalie, while the American norm is a three-goalie setup.

3. Aesthetics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So obviously this is a rather subjective factor to consider, but you will need to at least have an idea of where you intend to place the foosball table so that it fits in with the rest of the décor, for example, a fun looking table covered with animated graphics might not look all that at home in your mahogany finished games room.

4. Auxiliary Features

There is a wide range of auxiliary features that while not really impacting on the game itself can still be convenient to have, such as cup holders or foldable legs to help store your table away when not in use. One last thing to keep an eye out for is the different types of warranties offered.

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How To Play Foosball?

You got a foosball table and you’re ready to play? First watch this short tutorial with all the basics covered!

Note: the article was reviewed in February 2022, our suggestions stayed mostly the same!