How Much Space Do You Need For an Air Hockey Table?

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When you’re in the market for an air hockey table, looking for the perfect fit for your basement, office recreational room, gaming room, or man-cave it is best to be aware of the space you will need to clear out.

Whether you need to continue polishing your professional skills or practice your newfound enthusiasm in the game, you must have a good amount of room to get the full, competitive experience.

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Below are some of the standard table sizes you will come across, along with the ideal space you would need for them.

Air Hockey Table Size
Table Dimensions
Ideal Space Required
Best Buy
Tournament Size96 x 48 inches144 x 98 inchesGold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey Table [BUY HERE |READ REVIEW]
Recreational84 x 44 inches132 x 91 inchesValley-Dynamo Pro Style 7-Foot Commercial Grade Air Hockey Machine [BUY HERE |READ REVIEW]
Home72 x 38.4 inches120 x 86 inchesPlaycraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table [BUY HERE |READ REVIEW]
Small60 x 30 inches108 x 78 inchesHarvil 4-Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids [BUY HERE |READ REVIEW]
Kid-Size48 x 24 inches96 x 72 inches
Mini36 x 19.2 inches84 x 67 inchesPlaycraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey [BUY HERE |READ REVIEW]
Table Top24 x 12 inches72 x 60 inches

While most people tend to clear out space only for the exact length and width of the table, it is not the right move. In contrast, an important thing to consider is the space required for playing.

Minimum Space Required

It is the amount of space the table takes up, along with at least 2 feet added to each side. This is the least area a casual game can take up in a room, with the players having to make a compromise for space required for complicated trick shots and quick defenses.

Ideal Space Required

Consisting of a distance of at least 3-4 feet, both length and width-wise, this is the space beginners and professionals both are most comfortable in.

It allows for healthy competition, action-filled plays, tournament practices, multi-player game nights, and even an audience to cheer on their favorites, which is why it is considered ideal. 

Can I put my air hockey table against the wall?

A common question put forth by many first-time buyers is if the air hockey table would do well when placed against a wall.

While it is possible to still have an exciting game in such a setting, players have difficulty fetching the puck from the center and don’t have as much room to move about.

It might also compromise the table’s finish with scratches and scuffs if it is moved too much.

Lastly, an air hockey table is durable as long as it is properly maintained and the game is just as enjoyable as the players’ comfort.

Therefore, it is necessary that there is ample space in the gaming environment for both players to portray their skills fairly on the playfield.

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