Can You Put an Air Hockey Table Outside?

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Being popular arcade gaming products, air hockey tables work great in rec rooms and gaming zones. The game is originally an indoor sport that usually needs plugging in to a power outlet to operate.

Due to the electronic nature of air hockey tables and the sensitive design of the playing surface, most are meant for sheltered use. In addition, the small air-blowing holes on the playfield need extra protection from dust and moisture to ensure smooth functioning.

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You can place an air hockey table to play outside on a sunny day, but make sure not to leave it overnight, especially in humid weather. Avoid keeping an unprotected air hockey table outdoors for long unless it’s specifically manufactured to withstand weather conditions.

What kinds of air hockey tables can be kept outside?

Only those products that are specified as outdoor air hockey tables by the manufacturer can be safely placed outside. Being electronic items made primarily from wood, you need to protect air hockey tables from moisture to keep them safe to use and enhance their durability. This is why outdoor air hockey tables are made with waterproof surfaces and have integrated drying features.

Of course, the extra protective features incorporated in outdoor air hockey tables make their cost considerably higher than standard indoor tables, which already aren’t cheap. If you don’t mind dishing out over £4000 to get a table you can keep outside, the WIK series is worth exploring.

These are attractive, full-sized tables with cool graphics and the latest technology. Their coin-operated design makes them suitable for commercial gaming zones, and light and sound effects make them fun to use in dark indoor or outdoor spaces.

Will water enter air hockey table holes when kept outside?

It’s common knowledge that you need to keep dust, drinks, and small objects from entering an air hockey table’s holes to avoid clogging them and ruining the product. If it’s a standard air hockey table, keeping it outside will cause it to get ruined by rainwater or even dew eventually.

If you have an outdoor air hockey table, you don’t need to worry much. However, we recommend covering the playing surface of your table snugly after using it every time. This is especially important when you live in a rainy or snowy region.

What are some ways to protect outdoor air hockey tables?

While meant for outdoor use, we don’t recommend keeping these tables freely under the sun, wind, rain, or snow for days on end. There’s a limit to what an outdoor air hockey table can withstand. Owing to their high price, it’s better to take precautionary measures to protect them.

The best way to keep your table safe is to cover it. There are specific air hockey table covers available, so we recommend getting one of those. While you might think an old plastic or fabric sheet could do well, it may not be effective for long-term protection.

Investing in a high-quality product like the Covermates vinyl air hockey table cover can go a long way in extending the life of your air hockey table. Such covers are made with weather-resistant features and fit most tables closely. You should always compare your table’s dimensions before buying a cover to ensure an ideal fit.

Another protective measure you can take to extend your air hockey table’s life is cleaning it regularly while keeping the blower switched on. This prevents cleaning material and dirt from getting wiped down into the holes. A vacuum cleaner can be great for removing dust but keep the nozzle away from the playing surface to avoid damaging it.

Tuck away the power cord of your air hockey table, so it doesn’t come in the way. Also, try to avoid spillage, even if your table is waterproof. These extra measures will enable you to make the most of this gaming product and extend its life.

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What are the qualities of a reliable air hockey table cover?

A tough material like good-quality PVC that resists both tearing and moisture makes for an ideal air hockey table cover. Compared to other materials, it will provide better protection from the sun’s UV rays while forming an effective barrier against wind, dust, and moisture.

It’s best if your cover extends down over the table’s legs to shield at least 90% of it. This will protect your table and also reduce maintenance costs and cleaning effort on your part.


Air hockey tables’ maintenance and care are essential to extend their life and keep them functioning well. We strongly suggest against keeping a standard air hockey table outside, especially without a cover.

Sunlight, wind, rain, and dust can ruin even a good-quality table over time.  If playing air hockey outdoors is important to you, consider investing in an outdoor air hockey table made to be waterproof and more durable than standard ones.

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