How Many Calories Does Air Hockey Burn?

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Since air hockey is mainly built for entertainment and only demands moderate physical exertion, the calorie burn count is lower than athletic sports.

Thus, whether it’s a competitive match or a casual one, you can burn approximately 280 calories for each hour you play, give or take 10.

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This is because, like other table sports, most of the movement lacks variety and is mainly extracted from your upper arm and wrist.

Your entire body is not engaged in making the right moves, similar to a game of ping pong or table tennis, so don’t expect unusually high energy expenditure or weight loss, even with regular gaming.

What Other Ways Does Air Hockey Benefit You?

Lucky for all fitness enthusiasts, the health and psychological benefits of this arcade game don’t stop at burning away a few calories. Here are a few other advantages that will surely amplify your interest in it:

A Good Cardio Workout

Air hockey not only brings out your competitive side but also gives you an adrenaline rush which is very promising for your cardiovascular health.

Being a fast-paced game, it helps strengthen your arteries, increase your stamina and resistance to pain, as well as boost your immune system. Regular playing gives you controlled bursts of adrenaline that can also slow down the aging process.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

Since your win relies on following the speedy puck and thinking quickly to prevent giving away a point, two or three matches of air hockey a week can help sharpen your reflexes and develop excellent hand-eye coordination.

Playing similar table sports that require predicting fast-moving objects over such short distances can enhance your decision-making skills, too, since there usually isn’t a lot of time to think your moves through on the field.

Better Social Skills

Like most two-player games, air hockey opens up opportunities for you to interact with other people who share your love for it. This can help broaden your friend circle, introduce you to various social norms, and provide you with a comfortable environment to turn to.

Meeting new people can also help you polish your skills and pick up a few good trick shots or defense tips to improve your game.

Boosts Personal Growth

Air hockey has the added benefit of a learning opportunity even if you lose – displaying good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship plays a major role in preventing you from being a bitter loser and putting a brave face on at other times where you might not get what you want. It also teaches you how to be a good winner and opt for modesty and humility over arrogance.


All in all, air hockey is a great hobby to take up because of the standard rules, which are easy to follow, lessons of sportsmanship and socializing, and the multiple health benefits a casual match offers.

While you may only be able to burn off calories equal to a tasty lunch or sweet treat, it expands your ideas of fitness and health in an entertaining way.

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