Costco Air Hockey Tables: What You Can Find There & What are the Alternatives

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Costco, founded in 1983 in Seattle, is an American megacorporation widely known as a multi-billion dollar business firm and one of the largest wholesalers in the world. It operates chain stores in 8 countries where bulk quantities from an extensive range of goods are sold at greatly discounted prices to members.

It also offers exclusive facilities for members and has maintained millions of loyal customers around the world, being one of the world’s top retailers. The company has innovated quite a lot over the years generating tremendous annual sales.

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Even though Costco provides a wide selection of goods, they are restricted when it comes to Air Hockey Tables. It generally isn’t a simple task to find one that is hard-wearing, has convenient features, and fits your budget. However, sometimes Costco offers amazing deals that provide great value for products.

What Kinds of Air Hockey Tables Does Costco Offer?  

As of now, Costco doesn’t have a remarkable collection of air hockey tables to go through. It does, however, have two tables from the MD Sports brand.

They have mixed reviews, so we suggest checking them carefully before making a purchase.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the air hockey tables usually available at Costco:

1. Barrington 7 foot Air Powered Hockey Table



This modernistic, arcade-standard air hockey table is one that will not disappoint. It is definitely up to the mark if you’re looking for something that makes any gathering enjoyable, be it with friends or family.

It weighs 193.3 pounds, so it’s not easily moveable. This guarantees undisturbed gameplay. The table’s dimensions are 84” L x 44” W x 32” H, so it fits most standard-sized rooms.

The Barrington has a heavy-duty, solid build and a huge playing surface, allowing up to 4 players to enjoy it at a time. The sophisticated design has scratch-resistant, curving wooden legs, connected with black steel bars which bring about a trendy look.

They also support the heavy playing frame. The playing surface has a high-gloss finish and is also scratch-proof, allowing the puck to move smoothly across at high speeds.

This gaming table features a strong 120v electric blower that provides smooth airflow and ensures effortless gameplay. An automatic, built-in LED scorer with sound effects is present to provide a true gaming experience.

Furthermore, both the electronic blower and scorer are easy to control with smart push buttons. Besides, 4 pucks and 4 pushers are included in the set. Assembly requires strong adults since it has a very heavy and stable build, and is easy using the instructions provided.

Overall, it is well worth its value and is bound to last due to its substantial construction. Costco delivers the table unassembled and secure.

UPDATE: This table is no longer available at Costco.

2. MD Sports 89” Air Hockey Table (update: currently unavailable)

This air hockey table would be an outstanding choice for your game room, and its large size makes it even more enjoyable. The table dimensions are  89” L x 48” W x 32” H, suitable for wide spaces, and it weighs 166.5 pounds.

It has a chic black and white exterior, sturdy steel legs that come with 6-inch levelers for added balance, and overall, a decent construction. It is equipped with many characteristic features that make it more convenient, like a powerful electronic air motor that provides consistent airflow for a smooth game.

It also has built-in LED scorers with sensors on both ends to efficiently keep track of the game. Moreover, it includes sound effects which add to the thrill.

This table comes with 4 pucks and pushers and requires manual assembly which is easy using the instructions provided. The top rails, apron, steel legs, and playing field are all scratch-resistant.

This adds to the durability of the product. Overall, customers find it well worth its cost.

Pros and Cons of Buying an Air Hockey Table at Costco

A Costco air hockey table can be a hit or miss. Here’s why:


  • Exclusive deals for members
  • Bulk quantities for a low price
  • Products can be returned easily, with cashback


  • Very limited options
  • Other wholesale clubs do not require a membership fee to shop

Alternative Sites to Find Air Hockey Tables  

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for an air hockey table. It has a wide variety of gaming tables, both in terms of table size and price point.

2. Amazon

Walmart has comparatively less variations of air hockey tables than Amazon. However, in some cases it offers more convenient delivery options than Amazon.

  • Tabletop Air Hockey Tables: The Best Choice Products Air Hockey Arcade Table, Power Play Table Top Air Hockey, and Costway 42”Air Powered Hockey Table are some high-rated tabletop versions of air hockey available on Amazon and Walmart.
  • Mid-range Air Hockey Tables: The Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Game Table, ESPN Air Hockey Table, and MD Sports 54″ Air Hockey Game Table are some considerable options for competent players.



Air hockey tables range from tens to thousands of dollars, depending on quality and features of products. Your main target should be to get a durable product, especially if it has a hefty price tag.

However, quality isn’t necessarily dependent on the cost and you can find great deals for appreciable products. You should read product reviews before buying anything so you know what to expect, and you’re good to go!

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