Best Cocktail Arcade Machines – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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Best Cocktail Arcade

The 80s and 90s era are famous for many things, with addictive video games being high on the list. While those golden days of playing Pac-man, Street Fighter, and Space Invader may be far behind you, the memories stay fresh.

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If you’re in search of a chance to relive that sort of entertainment or wish to introduce today’s kids to those classic games, a cocktail arcade machine is exactly what you need.

A cocktail arcade machine not only revives your memories of good times past but it can provide hundreds or even thousands of games in one single console. A good-quality machine can be easily set up on free play or quarters.

Most cocktail arcade machines are expensive and take up a good amount of space, so it’s better to do your research and buy one that will last its worth.

Below you’ll find some of the best cocktail arcade machines that can help you narrow down your choices and make the selection process easier.

Our Top 5 Cocktail Arcade Machines

AB INC. Exclusive 22" Screen Cocktail Arcade Machine 34 X 26 X 29 Inches150 Lbs.22 Inch Screen, 412 Built-In Games, LED Lights, High-Resolution Graphics, Commercial Grade, Left and Right Handed Playing Option, Free and Quarter Operation
Creative Arcades Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine37 X 28 X 28 Inches200 Lbs.4 Sanwa Joysticks, 26” LED Screen, Trackball, Tempered Glass, 1162 Built-in Games, Tilt and Flat Screen, 3-Year Warranty
LLC Cocktail Arcade Machine30 X 44 x 30 Inches185 Lbs.26” LED Screen, Plug and Play, 1162 Games, Tempered Glass, 5-Year Warranty, Trackball and Joysticks
Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Cocktail Arcade Machine29 x 23 x 32 inches80 Lbs.412 games, 60 Classic 80’s Games, 19” Screen, Full-size Joystick and Buttons, Tabletop Style, Graphics and Sound Effects
TAPDRA Video Machine Classic26.4 X 9.8 X 6.3 Inches6.68 Lbs.Built-in speakers, 1388 and 1500 Games Respectively, Catchy Artwork Designs, HDMI, USB and VGA Port and Also Lead Included, Non-JAMMA, Cooling Fan

AB INC. Exclusive 22″ Screen Cocktail Arcade Machine

If you feel nostalgic about the 80s and 90s era and want to enjoy those classic arcade games again, then the AB INC. Exclusive 22” Cocktail Arcade Machine could be a great choice. This table features funky graphics having Pac-Man and other classic game characters.

It comes with a 22-inch screen which is an industrial-grade version, although there is also an option for a 19-inch screen in the market. The buttons are made compatible to suit both lefties and righties, with a single joystick for movement. Some reviews suggest that there might be an audio issue in a few games.

There are two qualities of particleboard available in the market. The low-quality cheaper one does not weigh much and is not very sturdy, however, high-quality particle board weighs around 150lbs in commercial-grade tables such as this one.

The table is very easy to set up and customer service seems reliable. There are already 412 built-in games in it which seems like non-stop fun. There is an option for free playing or setting it up on quarters which is ideal for keeping a timer on kids.

Overall, this table might be a good way to revive your old memories and these classic games could also engage today’s children. It can easily be placed in your basement, pubs, or gaming zones.


  • 412 built-in games
  • 22-inch screen
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Free and quarter playing option
  • Lefty and righty playing compatible


  • Might create audio issues

Creative Arcades Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine

The Creative arcade full-size commercial-grade cocktail arcade machine seems like a sturdy gaming table and a treat for arcade gaming freaks. There are around 1162 classic games already installed in it so you just need to buy the machine and simply plug and play without any need for complicated setup.

It features 4 SANWA joysticks and has a considerably large screen of 26 inches. The screen is equipped with tempered glass for extra protection, and it can also be tilted which is required for some horizontal games.

Both the players have the option for a flat and titled screen, whatever they prefer. The graphics, however, are not very high-resolution as compared to PS4 and Xbox. The manufacturer also provides a 3-year warranty for the machine.

A leather bar stool comes with this machine but it seems that without any back support, it might cause uneasiness. The buttons, sticks, and trackball are of standard quality and can revive your memories of the 80s era.

Some users online claimed that the table is very sturdy and the material seems to be of good quality. A blue LED light is present on its side panels which seems very attractive.

Overall, it can be enjoyed at home with your friends and family and can also be placed at entertainment centers for revenue. It seems like an attractive choice for both kids and adults.


  • 4 Sanwa joysticks
  • 1162 classic games
  • LED lights on side panels
  • Single and 2-player option
  • Sturdy table
  • 26” Screen with tempered glass


  • Low graphics resolution
  • Uncomfortable stools

Prime Arcades, LLC Cocktail Arcade Machine

The LLC Cocktail Arcade Machine comes with the famous Street Fighter game design which was very popular in the 80s era. This table seems to be made of high-quality wood and is easy to set up. All you’ll need to do is just plug and play.

There are 1162 classic games already built into this machine. The graphics are not as high-resolution as compared to today’s modern games. It has a 2-player gaming option with trackball and joysticks for a great gaming experience. This table can be operated on free play or on quarters which can conveniently be set up in homes as well as in entertainment centers.

This machine has a 26″ LED screen which is large enough for comfortable viewing. It is placed horizontally and cannot be tilted. For extra protection, tempered glass has been placed on the monitor instead of the Plexi-glass.

Also included with the table are 2 chrome stools which may not be comfortable for longer periods due to lack of back support. It also offers a 5-year warranty. Overall, it can be a great source of revenue in gaming zones, and old-fashioned people, as well as arcade gaming enthusiasts, could spend a day on this machine.


  • Tempered glass on the monitor
  • 26” LED screen
  • 1162 classic games
  • Plug and play
  • 5-year warranty
  • Trackball and joysticks


  • Chrome stools without back support
  • Low-resolution graphics

Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Cocktail Arcade Machine

The Doc and Pies Arcade Factory is a classic gaming machine with 412 games we all know and love. It’s a tabletop compact version of cocktail arcade machines, so you can easily set it up on bartops or over tables.

While it may be more portable than most, the Doc and Pies machine doesn’t compromise on gaming features. Full-size buttons and joystick along with a 19-inch screen come as part of the package.

60 classic games from the 1980s have also been included in this one. The entire product is delivered in two different packages, with the required assembly being easy and straightforward.

With up-to-date electronics, cool graphics, and sound effects, this can be a great addition to any man cave, bar, or gaming center.


  • Easy assembly
  • Portable
  • Good screen size
  • 412 arcade games


  • Not as impressive as bigger machines with more games

TAPDRA Video Machine Classic

TAPDRA Video Machine Classic is a modern arcade console to enjoy classic arcade games. It has different variants like Pandora 6s and Pandora 9. There are slight differences in both the versions.

This console game provides an option for a USB port, HDMI and VGA which means that it can be connected with a PC monitor or LED screen for a better experience. Both the versions have a 2-player option which can be enjoyed with your friends and relatives.

It is a non-JAMMA machine with some lag and slowdown, but you can expect at least 70% of the games to work well. These console boxes offer various built-in games which means there is no need for downloading anything – just set up the box and start playing.

Pandora 6s has 1388 games whereas Pandora 9 offers 1500 games. The graphics of all the games are low resolution although there is an option for an HDMI Port. It is recommended to set up on a moderate size screen otherwise the pixels might get distorted on a larger screen. Pandora 9 has an edge on resolution over 6s, providing a clearer image.

The console boxes of both the units feature a pause and volume control option, being a 3.55 mm audio plug supported. There is also a cooling fan inside to prevent the machine from heating up due to continuous playing for hours. Pandora 6s has a standard artwork in black and white whereas Pandora 9 offers a range of different artwork.

Overall, this machine seems like a fairly good option but the graphics may not be up to the mark.


  • 1388 and 1500 gaming options
  • HDMI, USB and VGA Port
  • Multiplayer option
  • Cooling fan
  • Sound effects


  • Non-JAMMA
  • Some games are slow
  • Low-resolution graphics

How to Choose the Best Cocktail Arcade Machine – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a cocktail arcade machine can be a difficult task. These are quite heavy and expensive as well, so you need to make sure you’re purchasing something that’s worth the effort and money. Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting one:

Gaming Options

There are a variety of cocktail arcade machines available in the market, having a range of different games. Some may have 400+ games while others may go up to 3000+ games.

The next thing to look for is a single-player or multiplayer gaming option (or both) according to your preference. Each machine is different, with some being able to accommodate up to 4 players.


It’s important to see whether you have enough space for an arcade machine you’re planning on buying. There should be free seating space in front of it as well, so decide accordingly and check the dimensions first if you’re short on space.

Screen Size

The size of the monitor enhances your gaming experience. You will enjoy more on a bigger screen. Some machines offer HDMI and VGA ports so that you can connect them to your Home TV and PCs. Tilting and flat screens also offer different perspectives in games.


The cost of cocktail arcade machines is quite high. Usually, the heaviest are considered to be of high quality since those are sturdier. Higher quality machines are even able to work 24/7 without any heating issues.


High-quality cocktail arcade machines may offer a warranty of even 5 years. This is a good safety net if the brand indeed offers good customer service.

In case your purchased product starts falling apart, you won’t have to spend extra on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Customer Reviews

You will find many customer reviews of cocktail arcade machines on websites that sell these products. These reviews could help you out with choosing a machine according to your preference. You can easily judge the pros and cons of each table this way.


Cocktail arcade machines can be the best purchase ever if only you’re cautious in the buying process. Look closely at the features of top-rated cocktail arcade machines and choose the best one that suits your requirements.

Dimensions are of utmost importance if space is going to be an issue. The number of games a machine offers should, of course, be your primary concern.

Players accommodated by a machine is important as well. As of now, there are expensive but still amazing units available in the market, so make sure to get one that lasts its worth!