Best Skee Ball Machines Review

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From workplace to homecoming gatherings, parties, or recreational centers, the top quality skee ball machine finds its ideal use. Besides killing boredom, the game unites friends and families.

When the kids are bored over the holidays and adults need to refresh their minds, the skee ball machines prove helpful.

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However, the unsuspecting mind may bump on a piece of trash that can’t last a couple of months in the name of a skee ball machine. You don’t have to make that mistake.

That’s why we bring you a few models that you can count on.  It’s a game that the whole family can play together.

Best Skee Ball Machine Review

Our Top 4 Picks

Quick Summary of the Best Skee Ball Machines


Size (inches)

Weight (lbs.)

Barrington Collection Premium Roll and Score Game Set119.5 x 24.75 x 56.75185.9
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MD Sports Big Sky 87" Roll and Score Game87 x 20. 5 x 47. 62593.89lbs
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Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table99 x 25.75 x 53103.5
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Skee Ball Arcade Ball Game155 x 31 x 82550
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Lancaster 108 Inch Classic Arcade
Roll and Score Machine Table
108 x 24 ¼ x 58179
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Hall of Games 108" Roll and Score Game107 x 24. 5 x 60. 75124.97
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Hathaway Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table96 x 24.8 x 51.7593
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Skee-Ball Arcade Table Machine Game Deluxe103 x 24 x 65190lbs
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Barrington Collection Premium Roll and Score Game Set

The machine looks promising in durability. Although it heavily borrows from the old design, the skee ball machine blends with a modern touch of technology thus looks stylish.
Its size of 119.5 x 24.75 x 56.75 inches presents ample playing space yet still fits many homes and recreational facilities. And in the intensity of play, its solid piece construction of distressed oak wood proofs adequate.

The striking playfield of burgundy PVC laminate and UV-coated field presents a fast roll for the ball. Besides, the electronic scoring board, LED lights and sound effects heighten the excitement of the game.

Apart from being a sport’s equipment, it also doubles as a decorative vintage Skee machine to the home. The easy-to-reach push controls make up for a quick reset or starting the game.

What We Like About It:

  • A caged area prevents balls from flying far
  • LED lights and sound effects add to the game excitements
  • Automatic ball return
  • 90 days warranty
  • Solid piece construction
  • Complete with 2 ½ weighted rubber balls

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The fairly demanding assembly process

MD Sports Big Sky 87″ Roll and Score Game

For the Roll and score game machine that fits young adults and children, the MD Sports Big Sky is hard to beat. When you assemble it, the equipment measures 87 x 20. 5 x 47. 625inches. Such a dimension and the blend of striking mixture of colors make it ideal for young children and adults.

From a solid piece construction and reinforced legs, it earns a durable design that withstands the intense play of children. Its blend of automatic ball return and a strong scoring sensor enriches the game.

An electronic scoring system and the use of arcade sounds not only add fun to playing the game but also make it simple to track scores. When you need to reset or start the game the easy push buttons are within your reach.

What we Like About it:

  • Package complete with two balls and skee ball machine
  • Its striking appearance
  • An electronic scoring system
  • Arcade sounds to heighten the fun

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Supports a maximum of 3 plays for every player

Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table

The Hathaway boardwalk boasts a complete engineered wood for both the base and the frame materials.  The 8 feet long table presents a scratch-resistant playing surface of 63 x 21.25 inches.

Otherwise, the skee ball playing machine measures 99 x 25.75 x 53 inches. Its durable design is enhanced by the use of a CARB-certified MDF board. Considering it has a melamine surface, sound effects, and LED sidelights, the table looks appealing.

The competitive two-player mode supports team playing. At the front, it gives you the quick-to-access controls for easy start and stopping of the game. Also, it has a net that keeps the ball in place and thus doesn’t fly far off.

What We Liked About It:

  • Complete with six semi soft balls of 2.5inch diameter
  • It has a digital scoring board
  • Sound effects and LED lights enhance the excitement
  • A large playing surface of 8 feet in length
  • Simple electronic buttons
  • Backed up by 180 days warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Demanding assembly process

Skee Ball Arcade Ball Game

The Skee Ball Arcade Ball Game thrives in a traditional look and extra durability. It measures 31 inches wide, 155inches deep and 82 inches high. Its overall weight of 550lbs speaks boldly of the Skee ball machine’s stability and durability.

Unlike most models, it looks simple, stylish, but fun inspiring.  It presents a hand-crafted oak finish. Further, it boasts a flip design score display and a handle activation lever. Accordingly, it features a throwback design of the 1930s.

It uses a polycarbonate resin display and a channel cover. And when you factor in its 1-year warranty, then you’ll get a glimpse of how durable it is.

What We Like About It:

  • Sleek oak exterior hand finish
  • Simple sturdy but inspires fun
  • 1-year warranty
  • Vintage look

What We Didn’t Like;

  • It’s heavy at 550lbs
  • Pricey

Lancaster 108 Inch Classic Arcade Roll and Score Machine Table

Its base and frame material boasts sturdy wood. The Lancaster arcade roll and score table, measures 108 inches long, 24 ¼ inches wide and 58 inches tall. For the game that inspires fun in a family gathering or party, it stands out.

Its design fits one to four players. It employs sound effects and LED lights to illuminate the electronic scoreboard, thus add life to the game. Furthermore, its sturdy wood grain not only adds durability but has a sparkling finish.

Whether you score or doesn’t, the automatic ball return function comes to your aid in saving time. The scoring area features a clear acrylic cover that increases its safety.

What We Like About It:

  • Simple to use push buttons
  • Generous 108 inches long playing surface
  • Complete with four balls
  • Electronic scoreboard

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some parts of edges are relatively rough

Hall of Games 108″ Roll and Score Game

When assembled, the Hall of Games measures 107 x 24. 5 x 60. 75inches. Such a size can fit in most recreation rooms and offices. Its construction combines a metallic base and wooden frame to give it a stable weight of 124.97lbs.

Its ½ inch thick playing surface of PVC laminate gives it a long life. Besides, its scoring rings are of ABS material. The sturdy legs, on the other hand, present a crossed panel and hence, enhance its stability and durability.

The built-in lights, sounds, and simple push buttons make the roll and score machine exciting to use. Besides, to avoid confusion, it employs an electronic scoring system that keeps track of the scores. As part of the package, it gives you four balls.

What we Like About It:

  • It has a durable design employing metal plus wood
  • Simple to use reset buttons
  • Built-in LED lights and arcade sound enhances the excitement
  • Has the corner 100 point bucket for more difficulty in scoring
  • Clear acrylic cover that enhances safety

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Unclear and difficult to follow assembly instructions

Hathaway Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table

The 8 feet long Hot Shot Arcade Ball Table gives you the benefits of 2 players. So it makes it possible to stage a competitive team playing the game.

The ball table measures 96 x 24.8 x 51.75 inches. However, unlike most Arcade ball tables, it can fold to assume the size of 63 x 25 inches.

Its 5/6 inch thick MDF playing surface is scratch-resistant and poly sealed. Accordingly, it maintains a presentable look for a long time. In contrast to manual tracking of scores, it gives you an electronic scoring system.

Furthermore, its enclosed scoring field prevents the ball from falling out amidst intense play. When setting it up, its quick assembly and leg stabilizers proof helpful. And to stop the table from skidding, it has non-slip pads on each leg.

What we Like About It:

  • Quick assembly process
  • Foldable and space-saving design
  • Uses the rugged punctuation molded ABS rings
  • It has an automatic ball return mechanism
  • Reinforced legs
  • Comes with 6 rubberized balls

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly loud pitched and annoying to some people

Skee-Ball Arcade Table Machine Game for Home Basement

The Skee-Ball Arcade Table Machine presents a burgundy colored surface and thus giving it an authentic feel and look. Besides the table, it comes complete with soft foam balls that are home-friendly.

During play when one partner scores, the digital scoring, and the counter system make it simpler to keep track of the count. It’s the skee ball machine that presents an enjoyable game for the whole family.

Right from the box, it requires very minimal assembly as it comes partially assembled. And after assembly, it stands 103 x 24 x 65 inches.  And for a more thrilling game, it offers you a two-player challenge mode.

What We Like About It:

  • Comes partially assembled
  • It has a digital scoring and counting system
  • Package complete with a set of instructions for the game
  • It has accompanying thrilling sounds
  • Uses battery or wall voltage

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Slightly heavy at 190lbs

Best Mini Skee Ball Machines

If space or budget can’t allow you to settle for the full-size skee ball machines, here are two mini versions of the game to consider:

Sharper Image Collapsible Retro-Style Speedball Game, Indoor and Outdoor Arcade Toy

When you set up the Sharper Image arcade toy, it measures 26 inches deep, 13 inches wide and 13 inches high. Besides the compact size, it folds and unfolds quickly into a neat size and weighs just 3.85lbs. That makes it easy to store and highly portable.

Once you remove it from the package, it needs no assembly. All it requires is setting it up on a flat surface either indoors or outdoors.

All together it offers you six targets with a retro-styled background. The package gives 5 wooden balls slightly smaller than the golf ball size and a score pad too.

What We like About It:

  • Sturdy wooden balls
  • Requires no assembly
  • Blends with various hard surfaces both indoors and outdoors

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Its rump’s size needs improvement

Basic Fun Skee Ball Mini Electronic Game

Though it comes in a miniature electronic version it presents an authentic design that’s captivating. The electronic score and the sound accompanying the game add more fun to the game.

Its two-play mode involves either the timed 30 seconds (speed) or (classic) using the provided 9 balls. Each of the balls is of sturdy metal, thus making them durable.  Although it’s the manufacturer recommends it for players aged 6 to 15 years, even adults can enjoy playing it at home.

Its size of 13inches long, 3.25 inches wide, and 5.25 inches wide and weight of 1.32 makes it easy to carry while on the move. The package gives you a scoreboard cabinet, skee ball tray, a ramp, and 9 metallic balls.

What we liked about it:

  • Dual play mode
  • 9 metallic balls
  • Simple to assemble
  • Highly captivation for both children and adults

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The balls are miniature size and thus presents a choking hazard to children

How to Choose the Best Skee Ball Machine

Available Space

Consider the space you have in your recreation, home or office. The available space dictates the size of the skee ball machine to buy. Ideally, the equipment should fit snugly in the room. That is it should leave a perimeter space that allows you to go round the table and play comfortably.

For that same reason measure your room before doing the shopping. As a guide, your room should be around 3 feet long and 4 feet wider than the skee ball table.

Choice of Material

A skee ball machine attracts a significant amount of money, especially the full size models. Besides when the game heightens it should withstand the rigorous play.

Therefore it should use sturdy material with promising long life for example solid wood. On the same note, a ramped thickness of about 19mm should be adequate.

The Inclusion of a Ball or Not

Besides settling for sturdy equipment, dig out the content of the package. Ideally, look for the best skee ball machine that offers standard ball size. Check on the quality and the number of balls included in the package as it counts.

Electronic Scoring System

Keeping a manual check of the scores is tiring and prone to errors. That’s why it’s wise to go for the model of a skee ball machine that employs an electronic scoreboard.

Such a score field makes it easy to keep a check on the score. Besides, the lighting up of the LEDs and the arcade sounds for every score also adds to its enjoyment.

Aesthetic Appeal

The general outlook and color of the equipment also matter. Choosing the skee ball machine whose color blends with your double is beneficial as it doubles as a piece of decoration. Also, other some people prefer furniture and equipment that have a rustic or modern look.

Intended Users

You also need to take into account the primary users of the skee ball machine. When shopping for kids, then you can settle for a colorful and averagely priced model. However when buying the best skee ball machine for adults then high-end or mid-priced models suffice.


It’s vital to have some fun with your friends, colleagues, children, or even grandchildren. One way to accomplishing that is by bringing the best skee ball machine to your home or recreation center.

When stressed up or bored, the game proves helpful. The post outlines some of the best skee ball machines for you to consider.

If you are looking for simplicity, quality, and an extra-durable skee ball machine, check out the Skee Ball Arcade Ball Game. But if you are budget conscious or shopping for young adults, then the Barrington Collection Premium Roll and Score Game Set suffice.

Nevertheless, depending on the size of your room and budget you have plenty of choices to consider.