Here’s the comparison of all air hockey tables that we reviewed so far. Compare major features and check out our full reviews before making a purchase.

TableSizeWeightBlower motorScoringPriceOur RatingBuy on Amazon
American Heritage Billiards Monarch32'' H x 48'' W x 84'' L222.4 lbs110 Velectronic & manual$$$
American Legend Enforcer 7'32'' H x 42'' W x 84'' L187 lbs120 VManual$$$
American Legend Phazer 7.5’32" H x 48" W x 90" L340 lbs110 VElectronic$$$
Atomic Blazer 7’32'' H x 48'' W x 84'' L110 lbs120 VElectronic$$
Atomic AH800 8’ 32” H x 50” W x 96” L385 lbs120 VElectronic$$$$
Brunswick Wind Chill 7ft30" H x 41.75" W x 83.75" L149 LbsManual$$
Carmelli Brentwood 7.5’ Premium32" H x 50" W x 90" L165 lbs110 VElectronic$$$
Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite31" H x 45.5" W x 85.5" L270 lbs120 VElectronic $$$$$
Harvard Action Arena33" H x 44" W x 84" L135 lbs110 VElectronic$$
Hathaway Face-Off 5′31" H x 29.63" W x 60" L60 lbs110 V Electronic$
Hathaway Phantom 7.5′32" H x 48" W x 89" L165.4 lbs110 VElectronic$$$
Harvil 7ft32" H x 48" W x 84" L154.4 lbs100 V (dual)Electronic$$
HLC 5ft28" W x 59" L60 lbsManual$
PlayCraft Derby 6’31"H x 36"W x 72"L117lbs110 VElectronic$$
PlayCraft Center Ice 7’ 32" H x 48" W x 84" L160 lbs120 V Electronic$$$
PlayCraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top8"H x 20"W x 40"L20.4 lbs110 VManual$
Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style31" H x 51.5" W x 99.5" L435 lbsElectronic $$$$$
Viper Vancouver 7.5′32" H x 50" W x 89.5" L265 lbs110 VElectronic$$$