Air Hockey table reviews

Choosing the best air hockey table can be difficult and a risky task to do due to the fact that most tables cost a considerable amount of money. so what we have done for you is pick out only the best and high quality air hockey tables just for you and displayed them in a simple format for you to compare and pick the one that is most suitable for you to ease the process of buying a new air hockey table. We also have air hockey table reviews if you keep reading on.

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table$$$4.7/5 - Best Table
Redline Acclaim Hockey Table
$$$4.7 / 5
Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table
Hathaway Midtown Air Hockey Table, Cherry Finish/Silver, 6-Feet$$$4/5
Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table$$$4/5
Atomic Avenger 8-Feet Hockey Table$$$3
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey$$4.2

What to consider when buying a air hockey table

One of the most important things that you may have to consider is the size of the air hockey table. This is where you have to take into account the amount of space you have in the room you intend to place this in. if the room is fairly large then you will be able to buy a full size air hockey table. if the room is on the small side then you will have to go for a smaller table. It is easy to check the dimensions of the table on Amazon by just scrolling down to the middle where it should state the dimensions of the selected table. to get a better idea of the amount of room it will take up just simply lookup videos on YouTube to get a rough measure on how much space you will need.

In terms of price I’m very sure whether you want a high priced top end product or just a budget product to keep the kids happy you will find it. prices range from $100 to $1000 giving you a large variety of high quality air hockey tables to choose from.

reviews of the top 5 air hockey tables

American Heritage Monarch Air-Hockey Table
This air hockey table is more on the luxurious side as you can tell by the name, its distinctive and looks and the price. it has a Screen-Printed Starburst Design and comes along with 4 goalies and 4 puck which is useful so you don’t have to buy them separately. assembly is required of this table in case you didn’t already know but an informative instruction manual is conveniently included with this table. The design of the table is very luxurious and sleek with the pucks very smoothly gliding over across the table during game-play. The table has an arch over the head of the table. along with its standard electronic scorers it also comes with supplementary manual scorers on the sides of the table. to add to the experience the table makes some sound affects at various times which ultimately makes it more fun and exciting for your children. This air hockey table would make a great gift or present to anyone who loves to have some playtime.

 Redline Acclaim Hockey Table

This air hockey table is affordable as well as good quality. at lest than $200 the 4.5 ft air hockey table with a 110v motor would be a very good fit to anyone with kids and on a budget. The table comes with a laminated smooth played, an external pluck catcher and 2 pluck stickers and 2 plucks, which saves you buying them individually. The table itself when shipped to you will weigh just over 50 pounds. The table is a good choice if your looking for a light weight table to place in the house. This table is not overpowering but would certainly exceed your kids exactions on how great of a gift you have in store with them.



 Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table

This table has a very eye catching and modern design. The spacious table has a triangular scorer which aims to make the experience of being in a arena more realistic.



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